Why Is My Wix Site Not Showing Up On Google?

Wix is a actual accepted website architect with added than 77 actor users worldwide. With the affiance of getting simple to use, it bound became accepted and became the adopted belvedere of the added laymen.

We accept to admit:

The apparatus – which is offered chargeless of allegation – has a avant-garde and adorable design, in accession to in fact possessing an simple user experience. With it, you can actualize a website afterwards accepting any above-mentioned abstruse ability on the subject.

However, aggregate is not so good!

Since October 2015, Google (yes, the world’s top seek engine!) does not basis websites developed in the Wix belvedere in its seek results.

In practice, this agency that if humans seek for the name, brand, account or articles of a assertive store, for example, they will not acquisition it.

After all, why is my Wix website not assuming up on Google?

Wix websites do not rank on Google for a rather circuitous reason. But, in a nutshell, we can say that Wix – just like so abounding added websites – was originally developed in Flash.

It turns out that Flash has “died” for absolutely some time now.

But it did not abandon “from the blue”. With the connected advance of technology, anybody knew that one day they would accept to adapt.

During this process, added casework acclimatized their structures to action their users a acknowledging website architecture (the one that adopts the adaptable devices) and a superior SEO.

However, Wix has absitively to advance the aforementioned framework it acclimated for both Flash and new HTML websites. Today, unfortunately, the belvedere uses its admirable templates and designs to win some users over.

The accuracy is: Wix has become obsolete!

In accession to not getting acclimatized for smartphones and tablets, it does not rank in seek engines like Google.

How Can Wix Website Affect The Success of My Business?

We apperceive that accepting a acceptable website today is axiological to the success of any business. In accession to getting admirable and attractive, a website should be optimized in adjustment to rank on the home page of seek engines such as Google and Bing for example.

The botheration with accepting a Wix website is that your online abundance will not be found. No use advance in SEO strategies, blogs, agreeable with keywords if the website cannot and will not be indexed by Google.

If you accept an E-Commerce business affairs “men’s colognes from Europe”, humans charge to acquisition you if netizens blazon “imported men’s cologne”, for example.

By the way, we accept a abundant adviser on How To Build an E-Commerce Website!

Then… “What Should I Do?”

So, even admitting the belvedere is appetizing (after all, you do not even charge to accept programming in adjustment to use it), a business should alluringly be congenital in a accurate platform, such as WordPress, Shopify or HTML5, with the advice of agenda business professionals. They will be able to action you the best solutions according to your cold and budget.

In addition, if designing a website, one should advance in a amount of agenda business strategies and SEO agreeable so that your abundance absolutely is a success!

Do not abatement for ambiguous advertisements and bargain calls; hiring a able SEO adviser is consistently the best option!